How to summarize my life? I’m a proudly father, progressive, lover of many things…and yes I have a summary for my professional life!

Mario Santoro has a physics degree cum laude at La Sapienza università di Roma and a Ph.D in Mathematics at Torvergata università di Roma.
His main focus is to apply well known techniques from physics and mathematics to others sciences.
In 10 years of research in Rome and in Paris, he developed the ability to collect, manage and visualize big data sets in particular using R, PHP and MySQL and He also developed some statistical know how.

His 3 years’ Ph.D gave him the ability to build differential model and to test some simulation scenarios.

He was engaged in different research fields: climate change and his consequences, HIV-Immune Systems models, analysis of AIDS clinical data, emissions estimation, clinical and molecular analysis, and visualization of allergic disease, model of drug user dynamics to make scenario analysis, estimation of current impact of mathematics on italian industries, country-risk estimation, future interest rates moedl.

In all of his works and collaborations he developed the ability to speak ‘the technical language’ of his counterpart, then to build a mathematic framework and to Report the results in technical and non-technical ways, i.e. for decision-makers.

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